7 11 2009


One upon a time there was girl named Cinderella. She leved with her bad step mother and two step-sisters.She had to do all the household thores.

One dal, the king invited all the ladies in the kingdom to go a ball in the palace. He wanted to find the Crowsn Prince a wife.

The step-sisters went to the ball that night with their mother. Cinderella was  left alona. She cried because she actually wanted togo to the ball, too.

Just then a fairy godmother came. With her magic wand, she gave Cinderella a coach, tho horses,and footmen. She also gave Cinderella lovely dress to wear to the balland a pair of glass slippers. She told Cinderella to camehome before midnight.

At the ball, Cinderella dancedall night with the prince. The prince fell in love with her.At midnight, Cinderella ran home. Unfortunately,one of  her slppers slipped off at the door. She did not have time to  put it back on.The prince was sad as he could not find Cinderella again that night.

The next day, the prince and his men brought along  the glass slipper. They went all over the kingdom to search for the owner.

After searching for a long time, finally, they came to Cinderella’s house. The slipper fit her. The prince was very happy to find Cinderella again. The got marrief and lived happily ever after.




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7 11 2009
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